AAA is an architectural and urban design firm.

In 2010, AAA celebrated 30 years of working on the design and execution of distinctive architectural works across Lebanon and beyond.

More than 200 projects of various types and scales include:
-  Many Awarded Competitions.
- 20 Schools and Universities.
- 15 Hotels and Hospitals.
- 800 Apartments within Residential Buildings and Compounds.
- 40 villas and Private Residences.
- Over a million hectares of master planning and urban design.

While most of these projects are in Lebanon, many others are distributed between Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Nigeria, RD of Congo and France.

AAA designs are the result of the careful integration of the client’s aspirations, the project’s programmatic requirements, as well as the nature and character of the site, while insuring an uncompromised respect for the surrounding environment be it natural or built.
Throughout the past years, AAA’s design work stood out for its conceptual clarity and visual intensity.

Ever since its foundation in 1980, AAA has been aware of the issues related to sustainability and green architecture as it remains at the forefront of natural and cultural preservation.

AAA has also organized several exhibitions, seminars and cultural events, such as “Les Journées du Béton” in 1999, within “Beirut Cultural City of the Arab World”. It continues its committed involvement in all issues pertaining to the city, environment and architecture.


Company with limited responsibility
Commercial register number:
43207, dated december 4th 1980,
Beirut – Lebanon