USJ Campus Economie Gestion

- Lebanon

USJ Campus Economie Gestion

The ‘Campus Economie Gestion’ is located in the heart of an educational district with different schools and universities.
The almost 7000 sqm site is surrounded by large centennial trees.

The land is bordered nearly entirely by the CORM Building, iconic architecture of the 1930s.
The campus gathers 5 faculties in 3 main parts articulated around a large 1500sqm garden.
The different volumes are conceived in accordance with the CORM Building’s silhouette with heights varying from 20 to 30 meters.
The fragmentation of the building creates large green terraces in between the white volumes.

The main access follows the projects main axis along a path shaded by the existing trees.
The different buildings are connected by large galleries that run along the ground floor and enclose the garden.
Moreover, in order to allow great flexibility in choosing and organizing the different elements of the program, the two educational buildings are designed with repetitive slabs and load-bearing façades that free the space of any interior structural element.



  • Location


  • Client

    Saint Joseph University

  • Area

    39.000 M²

  • Value

    40 M$

  • Services

    Concept design

  • Status
  • Date

    2107 - 2018