Holcom Headquarters

- Lebanon

Holcom Headquarters

Set on a plot taken between two highways, Holcom Headquarters is composed of multipurpose flexible floors housing more than forty companies in a luminous and peaceful space.

The building’s response to its noisy and chaotic industrial urban context is an introverted installation of two interconnected volumes abutting with the neighboring buildings.

On the street side, the building is protected by a double skin façade, while on the inside it opens to an interior courtyard garden in the center of the building forming the heart of the project.

It is a flagship building that stands out from its surroundings by its "pixelated" facade, composed of a set of metal panels and sunscreens, that protects against direct sunlight and noise while ensuring good brightness and transparency in offices.

The project was awarded at the 2015 - 2016 Arabian Property Award in the "Office Architecture" category.

  • Location


  • Client

    Al Nahr Real Estate

  • Area

    28.000 M²

  • Value

    18 M$

  • Services

    Design + Supervision

  • Status


  • Date

    2007 - 2013