SSCC Elementary Classrooms and Activities

- Lebanon

SSCC Elementary Classrooms and Activities

2000 - Preschool and Community

Keeping in mind the typology and proportions of the old school, the new building is built on the East part of the site to frame with the new gymnasium, the large central courtyard.
Divided into 2 blocks with two-barrel vaults on top, the façade directly on the street is designed to become by its geometry and its white color, a signal for the crossroads and the district.
The rhythm of the cradle arches is reinterpreted to cover the children's playground above the gymnasium.

2017 - Complementary and activity rooms.

Following the same architectural language, the tower building occupies the northern tip of the land and completes by its silhouette the skyline of the Sioufi school.
The use of bright colors distinguishes the project of its urban environment and also serves to create a fun and educational environment.

  • Location


  • Client

    Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Hearts

  • Area

    5.000 M²

  • Value

    2.8 M$

  • Services

    Design + Supervision

  • Status


  • Date

    2011 - 2017