Al Siteen Residential and Mixed-Use Building

- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Siteen Residential and Mixed-Use Building

Al Siteen is a real estate complex that houses two distinct functions: an office building located along the boulevard, and a residential complex of 130 apartments, a sports club, and a private pool.
Taking into account the extreme weather conditions of Riyadh, where the heat can reach 50 degrees, the project is part of sustainable development and an energy saving approach.
The offices are protected by an aluminum shield (or modern moucharabieh) creating a protective screen from sun light and noise pollution.
On the other hand, the residential apartments benefit from a double opening with well-protected windows on the street side, and large windows on the interior patio converted into a real oasis of freshness where ponds and lush vegetation dominate.

  • Location


  • Client

    Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Munajem

  • Area

    35.000 M²

  • Value
  • Services

    Design + Supervision

  • Status


  • Date

    2014 - 2020